Otmane El Rhazi has always made it a priority to serve his community. Hence the current trading blog, which he builds and dedicates his free time to maintain. Mr El Rhazi is, and always has been, extensively involved in trading and business in general. In high school, Otmane was a top student in Economy and Management. Besides studying in the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chausses, he also achieved a Master degree in Probability and Finance from University Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris France.

Beginning 2005, El Rhazi started working for a trading house in London. His job was to valuate and hedge big electricity, oil & gas and emissions contracts that sales negotiated. As a structurer, he managed to gain popularity and authority in the commodities space. Otmane managed to network with many head hunters and provide help and support both to them and to new graduates.

Two years later, while he moved to Citibank, Otmane El Rhazi managed to break into trading. Working on commodities and currencies, he has done it all. His knowledge of derivative and pricing gave him an edge on trading correlation derivatives and cross-asset options.

About Otmane El Rhazi
Otmane El Rhazi
Forex and Equity News
Page Street, London
United Kingdom SW1P 4DQ

Phone: +44 7414 782 320
Email: el_rhazi_otmane@yahoo.fr
Twitter : @OtmaneELRHAZI


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