Otmane El Rhazi joined a two-year program at the Mohammed V College in Casablanca Morocco the CPGE in 1998. El Rhazi attended the school and distinguished himself academically, mostly in the subject of math, physic, and science, and tutored students in his spare time to make ends meet. In spite of the fear to fail and the fierce challenges and concurrence, Otmane El Rhazi graduated with honors from the program in 2000. He spent seven years in the management of emerging market and commodities funded by debt collateral, three years in Bonds, Equities, and Forex Trading, and 2 years as a Program Developer, where he reached company projects and development for classified and defence systems. His trainings were also very dedicated to informatics and tech infrastructures.

He was an innovator for Levy process modelling and its usage in the French market modelling, a real particularity that has contributed to well assess the nuclear assets of the State and provide the right rates to citizens. His work in the field of engineering began after concluding the preparatory classes for over two years and it had a lot of design and art subject and literature. In July 2012, he started trading Forex and stocks for his own hedge fund that he started as a CEO and partner. Devoted to trading, valuation and dynamic modelling, Otmane El Rhazi has been a professional banker with understanding on a wide-range fields of engineering and scientific disciplines.

Outside the office, El Rhazi likes to exercise some music or trial with some new technologies to improve or modernise the sound listening experience. His interests in diverse musical areas led to his passion for mixing tracks and adding an individual touch to each musicians: Writing Music in a boundless seas of possibilities.

About Otmane El Rhazi
Otmane El Rhazi
Forex and Equity News
Page Street, London
United Kingdom SW1P 4DQ

Phone: +44 7414 782 320
Email: el_rhazi_otmane@yahoo.fr



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